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Who We Are

The ChefPsalmist Catering is a company that specializes in providing comfort food with an exquisite twist and affordable menu items for your special event. We offer an eclectic menu for families of four or more. Step outside the box of traditional catered menus and let us create a wonderful dining experience for you.



Individually customized to your ultimate day, we can transform your vision into reality.


Corporate Events

We can cater your Marketing/branding events to your ultimate client dinners in the highest professional level.

Social Events
From holiday parties to graduations, we bring our restaurant-style experience to your home.

Intimate Dinners
Anniversaries to birthdays, we deliver a  hands on, personal one-on-one private experience in your kitchen.

Our Philosophy

Regardless of the occasion, selecting The ChefPsalmist Catering signals to your guests that this is truly a cause for celebration. We cook with intention, energy and love, while venerating the rituals of mealtime as well-orchestrated affairs. We will deliver the highest customer experience with passion, integrity, knowledge and hands on interaction with our guests. It is our responsibility to honor you and your guests by making delicious food, and serving it impeccably. It is our belief that good quality meals at a reasonable price can only be achieved using fresh quality food that’s sourced from local suppliers to assure the best value for our customers and clients. It is our goal to create a timeless experience to captivate and lock you into the moment.  



we specialize in all types of foods and desserts

CCatering Selections​

that will jump start 

your event for your lifestyle

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